Over and under in football betting

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The difficulty is that you need to have a minimum number of fixed sums bet on the football and the coupon’s odds will change significantly.

On Saturday, a £1 stake would pay out £1.60 but with the odds different the other way and the £1 stake paying £1.60, the real money is lost.

John Hill, head of promotions and data at Betfair, says: ‘You can wager as much as you want but you must place a minimum bet on each game. That means if you bet on all five games you will need to bet £100.

‘We allow one over-under bet on each game so if you don’t place the bets correctly the game may go over or under. We also permit two to three bet offside bets and two to three that have the winning team ‘winning’ the match.

‘I would advise only placing one bet on each game as there will be good and bad things about any single bet. For example, wagering on your favorite team to win but the match goes over 2.5-2.75 runs means you would make money by wagering on your team to lose. But if the game goes under, you could lose money.’

He says it is better to wager on more than one team. A £10 bet with odds of 2.5-2.75 would pay £25 and a bet on Arsenal to win the match with odds of 2.5-2.5 would pay £50.

The best bets for Saturday’s games • Crystal Palace v Huddersfield

Bet: Crystal Palace to win 4-6, Crystal Palace to win 5-1, Crystal Palace to win 3-1, Crystal Palace to win 1-0 • Arsenal v Watford

Bet: Arsenal to win 6-5, Arsenal to win 3-1, Arsenal to win 1-0, Arsenal to win 3-0 • Everton v Bournemouth

Bet: Bournemouth to win 1-3, Bournemouth to win 1-0, Bournemouth to win 2-1, Bournemouth to win 1-1 • Southampton v Leicester

Bet: Leicester to win 4-3, Leicester to win 1-0, Leicester to win 2-1, Leicester to win 1-0 • West Brom v Burnley

Bet: West Brom to win 1-3, West Brom to win 2-1, West Brom to win 1-0, West Brom to win 2-0 • Stoke v West Ham

Bet: West Ham to win 1-3, West Ham to win 1-0, West Ham to win 1-0, West Ham to win 1-0 • Hull v Sunderland

Bet: Sunderland to win 3-2, Sunderland to win 1-0, Sunderland to win 2-0, Sunderland to win 1-1 • Swansea v Chelsea

Bet: Chelsea to win 2-1, Chelsea to win 2-0, Chelsea to win 1-0 • Manchester United v Liverpool

Bet: Liverpool to win 3-1, Liverpool to win 2-1, Liverpool to win 2-0, Liverpool to win 1-0

Weekend prices: Crystal Palace 1-3 (Betfair odds: 9-1); Everton 1-3 (Betfair odds: 5-1); Arsenal 1-1 (Betfair odds: 5-1); Hull 0-2 (Betfair odds: 5-1); Leicester 2-3 (Betfair odds: 7-1); Bournemouth 3-1 (Betfair odds: 8-1); Bournemouth 1-2 (Betfair odds: 10-1); West Brom 1-3 (Betfair odds: 9-1); West Ham 1-3 (Betfair odds: 10-1); Stoke 1-3 (Betfair odds: 10-1); Swansea 0-3 (Betfair odds: 10-1); Watford 2-3 (Betfair odds: 8-1).

Other sports

While football has been the most popular sport to bet on this year, it has been cut from the top five.