Over and under in football betting

The Winning player Which Broke the particular Horse-Racing Signal

what does over and under mean in football betting?

Wouldn’t it have been a lot easier if you could have moved one or two spread bets in one and two in the other? Surely that would have improved your odds more?

The difficulty is that you need to have a minimum number of fixed sums bet on the football and the coupon’s odds will change significantly.

If, say, Chelsea and Liverpool were even at the start of the game you would have a chance of winning by odds of 6/5 and 9/4 on a £100 bet.

But those odds would have slumped as those two clubs racked up big accumulators, allowing them to blitz any profits to the minimum possible.

On a £100 bet you could only have a winning stake of £450 if Chelsea or Liverpool were both well-placed.

If you took this on as a Christmas present to your partner you could be sure that they would spend hours and hours just building a winning bet from the get go.

But, when the odds move massively in your favour, you may not be able to build a winning bet fast enough.

Think of it this way: If you started off with evens at home and the draw was 3/1 then after a few minutes you’d have closed the bet and the stakes would have been reduced, to 2/5.

What would happen? The odds would have moved from evens to 6/5 which would have made you a £50 loser.

What would have happened had you doubled your stake, had you doubled the stake and then doubled it again?

A £50 loss.

Now, you could certainly place a bet this way – and you would see your winnings rocket in the space of a few minutes.

But that is only because the odds are so good.

By all means, play a match at 6/5 and another at 9/4 but remember that that is only if you get your bets right.

You are not just betting on the football.

All gambles have risk. But, what is the most important risk for you to take in order to succeed?

Over and under

Every bet should have an element of risk because to improve your odds you must go with more than the bookies expect.

That is why over and under is regarded as one of the best odds on the bookies.

If you are right then you make yourself a winner. But if you are wrong, the odds of you getting that particular result in a fixed number of places are far less likely.

It is also a more popular bet and bookies love to pick up on those punters who make good over and under bets in spite of a dodgy result.

If you really feel inclined to wager over and under you need to think really hard about your selections.

You could certainly play it safely and bet on all five of the Premier League matches, then if it is an average or poor performance, you will be in the bottom ten.

That is not an easy way to bet.

But, if you are going to gamble, at least make it over and under.

Why? Well, the risk of over and under is higher than any individual bet and it all but guarantees a little win here and there.

The more often you play it the more you increase your chances of success.

Pick your favourites

Treat it like a dividend.

Select five teams that you are confident will win at home.