Over and under in football betting

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The difficulty is that you need to have a minimum number of fixed sums bet on the football and the coupon’s odds will change significantly.

The decision is obviously not all down to the money and much of it comes down to how much you can afford to invest on an annual basis.

When it comes to football pools there is no such constraint and the big individual prize on offer on a Tuesday night could be more than you will be willing to spend every week.

With your hopes and desires in check, it’s time to consider which will give you a better return.

Bet365 Toto

As a traditionalist you may have a soft spot for William Hill’s Toto entry, but Bet365’s consistency – the online bookmaker took the top prize 12 out of the past 13 years – has its advantages.

Bet365 gives you the option of different markets (including cash) and the chance to pick the outcome of the biggest match each week. If you’re left scratching your head over who will be playing in which game Bet365 has an answer.

It also offers a deal where you can bet on the draw to be made in the Champions League games on match day and cash in if your team wins.

For the ultimate regular entrant, Bet365 offers a sweepstake where you can pick a number of games and place smaller bets on each match. The cash you win can be used to reduce the cost of entry.

Steven Pye


Betstar Starlight is arguably the biggest online bookmaker on the market, although the name might not seem to be a natural fit for an early riser.

Rather than the likes of the MiniMill, Betstar’s Starlight contains thousands of games.

The key attraction of Starlight is that each game can be picked on any one of 10 different betting markets, making it relatively easy to limit your risk and to choose your prize.

Even though they can be based on anything from basketball to car racing, each is unique and you can pick the outcome of a match just by picking the probability of winning a certain amount of points.

James Deacon

James Deacon

Each week you get two lines: the total number of points the teams will win and a percentage line. A two-to-one chance for an 84 per cent chance of winning 10 points is relatively low, so you’re putting yourself in a strong position.

This works for not only English football but also the Champions League.

Betstar’s site says that during the 2015/16 season a ‘win’ would have paid £40,865.16 to its players, the highest ever prize being £12,000.

For those with £1,000, £500 or £250 to spare you can take up the ‘invite and you’re in’ scheme, meaning you can wager from within your own bookmaker account.

England’s global reputation means that the most lucrative offers are for the World Cup, but that’s fine with the bookie as all you need to do is bet on who wins.

With 100 markets at your disposal you can sit back and enjoy the ride without worrying about how much you might lose.

As you probably know by now, football is a truly global game so we can’t leave this list without mentioning bookies with an international flavour.

Irish bookies

Remember when O’Briens started back in the 1930s?